The sapphire is one of the 4 precious gems (diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald). It belongs to the mineral corundum and is regarded as the stone of the month of September. Its name derives from the ancient Greek word “sapphire”. Its blue colour, which is the most common color for sapphire, is mainly due to the presence of iron and titanium, pink colour is due to the presence of some chromium trace elements, while chromium in large quantities gives the sapphire a bright red color, where in this case it is characterized as a ruby. It is the second hardest mineral after the diamond on the Mohs scale (mineral hardness measurement scale) as its value is 9 (with a maximum of 10).

The value of the sapphire is mostly determined by its color. The more intense the color, the more valuable and expensive it is. Sapphires called “Star” have small rutile chips (TiO2) internally and together with elongated pits create asteroids and are considered to be the most impressive and expensive.

The largest sapphire deposits are found in Sri Lanka, Australia (Queensland), South Africa, India, Madagascar, Thailand and the USA. (North Carolina).


Spiritual properties of the sapphire

  • It enhances intuition and wisdom
  • It brings joy, happiness and balance
  • It is said that sapphire brings luck and happiness
  • It is the gemstone that enhances love and friendship
  • Sapphire is the stone of truth and sincerity


Healing properties of sapphire

  • Calms the nerves and the mind
  • Heals circulatory system malfunctions
  • Strengthens memory and relieves depression and mental disorder.