Since 1980 Papapanagiotaki’s jewelry shop, located at the old port of Skiathos island, offers unique, precious and handmade jewels in gold and silver, as well as watches.

Eleni Papapanagiotaki, having a diploma in manufacturing handmade jewels, continues the family tradition in the jewelry shop in Skiathos island, combining classic jewels with modern design in gold or silver with precious and semi-precious stones. Also opens new perspectives in the field of sales with the new e-shop.

For any occasion in Papapanagiotaki’s jewelry shop you can find whatever you need or we can create together a precious gift only for you!


Papapanagiotaki family enters the field of jewelry manufacture in 1962.

The father, George, learns the art of jewelry manufacture from his uncle and continues the tradition of the family in classic handmade jewels.
In 1972 opens his own workshop and extends his activities in whole sales in all the touristic Greek islands.

In 1980 the mother, Penelope, proceeds to retail, with two jewelry shops in the beautiful Greek island of Skiathos. Enriches her knowledge with seminars in Gemology, Marketing and jewels’ manufacture. In addition, following the trends in jewelry creates designs in silver with semi-precious stones.

The daughter, Eleni, after graduating in Business Administration and Foreign Languages (English – German – Italian), takes courses in handmade jewelry and runs the jewelry shop at the old port of Skiathos. With her wide knowledge and her enthusiasm continues the family tradition adding her inspiration.

So from the father’s workshop in 1972 we reach the e-shop in 2019.

Shop in Esperides beach hotel

In 1995 we decided to expand our business with one more jewelery shop on the beautiful island of Skiathos.

Our second shop was in the luxurious 4 stars Esperides beach hotel, which is located in Achladies beach, only 4 km away from the town of Skiathos.

The shop was there for 17 years, from 1995 until 2012.


Fashion Collection

A collection of handmade, fashion jewels with semi-precious stones for every hour of the day.Costume jewels that can make you stylish, modern and in fashion.

Precious Collection

Jewels made from gold with precious and semi-precious stones. Handmade, unique designs that are made to impress you. Diamonds chosen carefully to shine in whitegold settings. Rubies and sapphires ready to charm you.